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I'm Kiera Cass, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection Trilogy. I like to talk about books, cake, shenanigans, and boy bands.

Party Like a Wordstar

*downs a book* *passes out backstage*

Will we ever get to see the first pilot made for the selection TV series? I noticed that you called it lovely on twitter and I was just curious. Sincerely, maxonshreaves

You guys found out the name of my cover model through means I still don’t understand.

You found the script for the 2nd pilot, and I have no idea how you did that.

Some of you have managed to text me. Still confused.

I think if you *really* wanted to see that pilot…

This isn’t me issuing a challenge. I’m simply acknowledging your skills. And admitting I’m a little afraid of you.

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress. - Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)

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Could I still preorder The One??? Sincerely, its-tomlinson-bitch

Yep! As long as the keychains are available, they’ll give them out, regardless of when you preordered.

What if we already pre-ordered are copy? Before we found out about the Keychain. Sincerely, kellythefangirl

That’s totally fine. All you need is proof of purchase. So take a screen cap of the email with your receipt, and upload it to the page.

Lots of people seem confused about this, but I promise you, no matter when you preordered, it counts!

Also, a few other questions I’ve been getting:

No, you cannot get the keychain if you live outside the US.

No, I will not have keychains on tour.

This giveaway is being done by Epic Reads, so they are in charge of all of this. I just want to make sure that everyone who preordered knows about it and has a chance to get one! I think the supplies are limited, so if you’ve preordered, get on it!

Also, direct questions to Epic Reads for faster and more accurate answers. I’ll try to help, but I’m slow/not the boss. :)

I like the original, but this is pretty nice.

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Can we still get key chains if we already pre-ordered the ebook version? Or is it just for the hardback? Thanks! :) Sincerely, captainpaperpen

I *think* yes. So long as there’s some kind of proof of purchase, it should be fine. I’m not in charge of this, so I’m not 100% sure. I’d ask someone at Epic Reads just in case. :)

If you live in the States and have preordered, you can get a free keychain. Follow the link for more info:


The Selection (Kiera Cass) Typography/Lettering Series No. 3

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This is really beautiful, but these words are not in my books. Pretty sure I said them on a live chat when someone was asking advice for an audition the next day. Still cool, but you should know it’s not on page 182 or something.

are all of your events posted or are there still more to come? Sincerely, lokibrotherofthor

What is up there now is every confirmed event. Are there other things in the works for this summer? Yes. Are we already lining up possible things for the fall? Yes. Are there any international trips planned? Yes.


None of that is finalized. And I’m already tired thinking of the next few months, so I might do very little beyond that. We’ll see. I like you guys and want to get to you if I can. :)

Are you going to be going to New York on tour? Sincerely, jessthepikachu

I’ll be at BEA in late May. Check my events page. I keep it very up to date.