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Party Like a Wordstar

*downs a book* *passes out backstage*

Reblog If You Can Take Off Your Bra Without Taking Your Shirt Off.








Girl’s are amazing

I think we broke the notes…

i feel like i’m reblogging history. “the post that broke the notes”



what the heLL

where is it

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This is my favourite moment of the entire series. Everyone in the room is oblivious, unaware of the connection they have and in front of them he choses to acknowledge it.

After all that happens in the 3 books you might think it’s strange. I don’t know, I can’t get enough of cute moments like this. 

He held up the envelope, thick with folded papers. “I can’t believe I’m actually giving this to you, and you have to wait to look at them until I’m not here, but … it’s for you to keep.” - The One, Kiera Cass

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I recently made a list of gifts for book lovers, so thought I’d make one for writers, too! All gifts are from Etsy.

Lined paper ceramic necklace by MangoTreeCeramics

Crossed pencils scout badge by TheScoutProject

Sylvia Plath quote journal by BookishlyUK

Personalised pen nib necklace by KriyaDesign

Writer’s motivation pencils by thecarboncrusader

Just Write button badge by PookaCreations

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Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. It’s an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken.

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"This dress was a dream cosplay for me, so it was great to finally make it! The hand-beading on the bodice alone took over 200 hours and the skirt is over 40 yards of chiffon. "

Pannon as Princess Serenity
Photo by Muzo Gul

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dream memory sparked + realization + confusion  


= the most hilarious series of harry styles faces ever

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Hi Kiera I'm a huge fan of your books but I have a question about the palace and what would happen if this happens. Are there elevators in the palace? What would happen if someone was in a wheelchair? Would they have to be carried up the stairs? Or would there be an elevator for them to ride on? Sincerely, teedalhah

There are a handful of elevators in the palace, but they’re primarily used by the staff. When the palace was designed and built under Gregory’s plans, he wouldn’t have taken the idea of anyone with a mobility problem (either temporary or long term) into account. Not surprisingly, he was never exactly a considerate person. So the elevators are not attractive, well-hidden, and rarely used.

Good question!


I just remembered that last night I had a dream that maxerica happened basically like in cinderella but instead of it being a shoe it was over America’s orange yoga pants

This seems oddly believable.






She chose such a suitable name



Queen 💜

I love her

I for real adore her. Like a lot. She might be my girl crush.

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America…Kiera Cass named her main character in The Selection “America”…I have no words for this.

No. You know what? I’m going to pretend that this isn’t heavy handed symbolism that a middle-earthen dwarf couldn’t lift. I’m going to pretend that she is named after America Ferrera, because America Ferrera is made of win and awesome. So there that is my head cannon.

So many people get ticked off by her name! Does this happen for lots of books? Trying to think if I ever got super turned off to a book because of a name… I do have lots of name association issues, so maybe?

Not sure if I’ve told you guys before, but I really didn’t intend for it to have a deeper meaning. I just liked the name and Callaway wouldn’t let me give it to our human babies, so I gave it to a paper baby instead. Also, Singer… it could have been Dancer or Sculptor or a dozen other things. Her dad’s an artist. Could have been Painter. I just liked the sound of America Singer best. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I’ll try to give you less hate worthy names in the future. :)


I’m French so I’m really dissapointed that the contest isn’t open internationally, (Cuz I’m dreaming of a signed copy of one of Kiera’s books) but I wanted to share my FanMade Cover for the Heir.

Hope you Like it ! 

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