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Party Like a Wordstar

*downs a book* *passes out backstage*

I’m gonna go all Mama Bear right now and tell you that if you know about what went on last night, you should write me. I want to hear what you have to say. I got a very upsetting email from a fellow author this morning, and I’m a little confused and concerned.

i was scared i wouldn’t be able to fill a room by myself - an actual thing kiera cass said (via anniesscreams)


The Selected / The Eliminations

Eight girls were not here / Anna was gone before dinner / Janelle had been sent home / There were still twenty-two girls here after Camille, Mikaela, and Laila had been sent home / Amy, Fiona and Tallulah were gone within hours / “I’ve decided to send all but six of you home” / “Marlee Tames, one of the Selected, a Daughter of Illea, was found last night in an intimate moment with this man, Carter Woodwork” / “Really, the fair thing to do was to let Natalie go” / “Elise and I got the boot last night” / “Please do me the honour of becoming my wife”.

(So I’m 98% sure this is the order, except Sosie. She isn’t mentioned after she first met America during the makeovers but America says that Ashley was the only girl from the first 8 to leave that she had met. But it can’t be anybody else because they are all in the latter part of the book (except for those who aren’t mentioned at all). So…)



Games with English: insert the word “only” anywhere into the above sentence and consider how the placement changes meaning.

… This makes me so happy.

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Wanted to draw one of the (many) make out sessions Aspen and America shared in the tree house. Apparently there are TONS of Aspen haters in the Selection fandom…and I am very upset by that news. Maxon is amazing, but so is this guy! They’re wonderful for completely different reasons, and that’s exactly how America looks at them, too.

Yay! I see so little art with Aspen. And this is a fun scene!

Does the fifth novel complete The Heir or is The Heir only one book ? Sincerely, officerlegerblog

The Heir is the fourth book, and then there will be a fifth that has yet to be titled. Announcing all that at once has been a little confusing, but I hope that helps!

I'm too excited for the heir to come out! I definitely think the cover should be pink! But if you had to pick, what color would you like to have on the cover? Either way it will be FLAWLESS! Love from Seattle Sincerely, shadowkissbooklover16

I can’t tell you. But I have seen… things.

HAve you written The Heir? Or are you writing it now? Sincerely, thesaradise

That is an excellent question.

kiera i was wondering if we would find out why queen amberly got such bad headaches in the queen novella? Sincerely, nundmc

You will have your answer December 2nd. :)

When is The Heir going to come out? My fiancé and I just saw posts and we're too excited! Sincerely, macbeth-with-cheese

May 5, 2015!

Kiera, I can't find the details about your coming to Brazil in your website. Is there anywhere with more information or there really isn't anything decided yet? Sincerely, andreschrrle

I know! I’ve been awful!

I only just got my itinerary so I wasn’t completely sure on things, but if you’re planning to come to any of the events, everything you need to know is here:

Hiii Kiera, I'm just confused. How many books will be in total? I love you Sincerely, lis3011


The Selection

The Elite

The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard

The One

The Selection Stories: The Queen & The Favorite

The Heir

The One With a Title I Don’t Know Yet

It’s kind of exciting/crazy for me. I only planned for three! So to get to do more in the world makes me happy. Also nervous. How dumb am I to attempt going through ending a series twice? The answer is very. Very dumb. :)

is that cover for the favorite and the queen real??? Sincerely, yesterdaysunderwear

Yes! The e-books have individual covers, but that will be the one for the bind up out early next year. Pretty, yes?