Party Like a Wordstar

I'm Kiera Cass, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection Trilogy. I like to talk about books, cake, shenanigans, and boy bands.

Party Like a Wordstar

*downs a book* *passes out backstage*

Took a little social media break, but I’m back & the first thing I need to tell you is this: I’ve seen the cover for THE HEIR, & it’s rad.

See you kids on Friday.


all i want is for kiera cass partylikeawordstar to love me and give me a hug

Listen, I’m married… but ok to part one. For the hug, imma need you to visit, ok?


The Selection - America as red and Maxon as black

Red means love and black means endless. Together they’re endless love.


i feel like i’m the only member of the maxon gang that has yet to talk to Kiera herself

So, hey.

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some authors could really use a “plot twist limit” or a “you’ve killed too many characters already” notification you know

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the best moment in cinematic history

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Harry catches up on his summer reading mid-concert (8/7/14)

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I cant decide which is better: Boy Bands or Cake for Breakfast???



Fun Fact about author YALLFest author Kiera Cass: “I was born in South Carolina! I like cake! And boy bands!” Who doesn’t love cake, boy bands, AND Kiera!!!! We cant wait for #YALLFest14 just to hear all about The Selection series and that “secret” project she mentioned during her last book tour to Charleston. #TEAMMaxon #TEAMAspen


aspirin leger and acetaminophen singer are dating when acetaminophen is chosen for the selection to fight for the hand of midol schreave in marriage